Why choose NOOR IPTV?

The NOOR IPTV Box is the latest entertainment Internet Protocol Television IPTV box designed with the latest technology in video and TV streaming. The device delivers video content via broadband internet connection to television set without the use of a satellite dish or a personal computer. We get testimonials every day from customers about channels variety, seamless streaming, picture quality and ease of use. Order yours today to enjoy thousands of TV Shows, Dramas, Movies, Sports and Children’s programs!

NOOR IPTV box is powerful and compact - with its small and sleek design, it's full to the brim with so many amazing things to see and do, and you can see and do all of it from anywhere you want! 

Take your box with you on your next trip, and you won't have to spend another boring evening in a hotel room with nothing to do. Going to visit family? Take your box and share your favorite contents and TV shows with your loved ones